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Why Preventive Dentistry Is Required

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums requires more than brushing; it requires visiting our office in Salt Lake City, UT for preventive dental services.

Allow the experienced and dedicated team from Paul Barlow Family Dentistry to provide you with the personalized care you need in a comfortable office atmosphere.

Preventive Dentistry Services Include:

  • Teeth Cleaning
  • Routine
  • Oral Cancer Screening
  • Gingivitis Prevention
  • Fluoride Treatments(All Ages )
  • Dental Exams
  • Dental X-Rays

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

Many people in North America are now opting for this type of treatment as they realize it can save them money in the long run and prevent many dental problems from even happening.

This form of treatment is often complementary to standard dental care but does not offer any cure. We are happy to offer advice to you on regular check-ups and advice on good oral hygiene. Preventive dentistry is a field where many diseases and disorders can be prevented.

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Prevent Gum Disease From Happening

Dentists usually treat decay and gum disease. Gum disease is a condition where the gums become infected with bacteria. This bacteria dries out the underlying tissue and can eventually lead to gum disease. You can prevent this from happening to you by taking preventative measures such as brushing your teeth at least twice daily.

Preventive procedures can be very beneficial. There are many diseases and conditions that can be prevented. Your dentist can help you decide on the best dental plan and the right preventative dentistry procedure for you.

Brush, Floss & Paste

It is also important to check your toothbrush regularly. Using an improper toothbrush can lead to tooth sensitivity and other types of dental issues. Flossing daily is also extremely important.

The majority of dental procedures are performed with the use of dental floss. This is a thread like substance that is worn on the back of the teeth and between the teeth.

If you are prone to cavities than special cleaning materials such as silver nitrate may be applied to the teeth. Silver nitrate has been shown to help prevent tooth decay.

If you are looking for a tooth whitener then you should look at bleaching toothpastes or even visiting your dentist to have a tooth whitening procedure. There are various ways you can get a tooth whitening procedure done.

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Prevent Cavities

If you have a cavity then there are certain steps you can take to make sure you do not end up filling it again. Fillings are not always necessary but it can be a good idea to go in for them if you can afford it.

A preventative dental plan can include regular cleanings and X-rays. This helps to monitor any changes in your teeth. Any damage done to your teeth or gum disease should be treated. Your dentist will often work with you to ensure you receive the best care and preventative care possible.

Preventive dentistry can also deal with cavities caused by plaque. You will undergo a process where a bacterium is removed from your mouth and then flushed away.

If you suffer from gum disease then you may require a similar process. If you do not brush and floss your teeth then this bacteria builds up between your teeth.

Keeping Your Teeth Clean & Healthy

Preventive dentists can help you keep your teeth clean and healthy. Many people will turn to their dentist first when they need dental work. You should make an appointment to have your teeth cleaned and checked regularly. A good dental plan can help to ensure that you achieve the best dental health.

A preventative procedure will ensure that you avoid any gum disease. By keeping your gums healthy you are less likely to develop gum disease. Preventive dental procedures can help you avoid many problems relating to gum disease. There are many problems that can be avoided if you follow a good preventative treatment program.

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Preventitive Dental Plans

A good dental plan will not only look after the look of your teeth. It will also take care of the health of your bones and gums. Good oral health will also affect other parts of your body. Your heart and lungs can also benefit from a healthy mouth.

Preventive dental care is important for you to enjoy your smile and also to protect your oral health. You have many options when it comes to your dentist. You can select a general dentist, or you may want to go for a cosmetic dentist. If you are worried about your smile then why not talk to your dentist. They will help you maintain your oral health.

Dental Care Plans are designed to protect you against excessive dental care costs. Dental Care Plans can be either managed care plans or capitation plans. Managed care plans are typically known as “caps” or” DHMOs”. (DHMO means Health Maintenance Organizations.)

Depending on the principle that it’s less expensive to prevent dental decay than to treat dental decay, managed dental care plans significantly control major dental care costs.

Ensuring your teeth and oral health are taken care of is extremely important to you. It doesn’t matter whether you’re young or old; having proper dental care now can dramatically impact your oral health later in life.

In order to help you achieve and maintain optimal oral health you should visit our Salt Lake City office at least once every six months. You can save money on dental care by getting the services you need from your family dentist. do not delay when it comes to matter of your own health and well-being, book an appointment as soon as possible to ensure your teeth and oral health is in tip-top condition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you tell me about preventative dentistry?
What is preventive dentistry? Preventive dentistry is the modern way of helping you keep a healthy mouth. It helps you to keep your teeth, and means you need to have less dental treatment. The two main causes of tooth loss are decay and gum disease.

What is included in preventive dental care?
Preventive dental services include oral exam, teeth cleaning, and routine X-rays. There are often limits on how many you can get each year. If you go over those limits, you may have to pay out-of-pocket, so it’s important you understand the details of your coverage.

What questions does a dentist usually ask?
Top Questions You Should Ask Your Dentist. How can I improve my smile? … What should my oral hygiene regimen be? … How often should I have a dental exam and cleaning? … How can I keep my teeth whiter? … Do I have any dental health conditions I should know about? … Do I need any dental treatments?

Why is preventative dental care important?
Professional preventive dental care can play a major role in supporting your own efforts to keep your teeth and gums healthy. In some cases, dental issues like cavities can develop despite a good routine of oral healthcare at home, some people are simply more susceptible to dental problems.

Innovative Technology & Professional Dentistry

Dr Paul Barlow

Dr Paul Barlow

Dr. Paul Barlow is a very experienced, knowledgeable and personable dentist who likes to take the time to get to know each patient, explain treatments thoroughly and listen to what his patients have to say.

He keeps up with the latest technology to increase patient comfort and the quality of his work.
His father spent thirty years serving in the Navy as a dentist, for this reason Paul’s interest in dentistry began early on.

After receiving a Bachelors of Science (B.S.) degree from Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, he headed to Omaha, Nebraska to attend Creighton University’s Boyne School of Dentistry. Creighton Dental School has a reputation for producing skilled clinicians, ready to work in all areas of dentistry. Paul received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.) in May of 1990.

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Things to do on Sunday in Utah. Broadway Theatre. Hop on down to 111 east and 300 south in Salt Lake City to check out a flick. … Try a ‘Tasting Menu’ … The International Peace Gardens. … Hike the peaks. … An arcade for grownups. … Check out the Spiral Jetty. … Kayak Utah’s waters. … Dim Sum at the Hong Kong Tea House.

What is the biggest mall in Utah?
South Towne Center. Utah’s largest shopping mall is South Towne Center in Sandy, featuring 150 stores and restaurants and an amazing indoor carousel. Malls can also be found in Ogden, Layton, Logan, Murray, Orem, Provo.

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